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Welcome to

Smile Movement Presents, LLC

We want to make sure that you have everything you need to shine bright and stand out!

Take a look at our vast array of services!

Band Services

It's all about the music! We believe music can heal and bring people together. Let us work out the details so You can change the world! 

  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

  • Booking

  • Website Building & Design

  • Poster Creation

  • Logo Creation/Design

  • Logo/Image Vectorization

  • Merch and All Event Services available!​

Event Services

We are Your One-Stop-Shop!

We can build it, run it or help You with any details:

  • Staffing

  • Vendors

  • Waste Management

  • Music (Live or DJ)

  • Sound

  • Lighting

  • Live Art

  • Security​​

Logo/Image Vectorization
Get your image vectorized for a more professional look for posters and merch!

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
Catch em' with an EPK that Pops!
If you don't get their attention in the first 5 seconds, you may loose the gig...
Talent Buyers/Booking agents look at hundreds of emails a day listening to bands' music and You and YOURS to stand out! Not only visually, but musically!
Your EPK should be a one-stop-shop for Your music! Showcase your best and get the recognition Your music deserves with a custom EPK!

Work with Talent Buyers & Venues that Love Music & Respect Musicians!
What to expect when booking Your next Show/Run/Tour/Festival with us...
Every show is contracted for Your peace of mind.
Every Tour is routed with Your needs in mind.
Every show detail is given to You. So that when You arrive You will have the smoothest experience possible!

Need T-shirts, hats or other custom merch? Ask us about our Merch Vendor or check them out on our Community page!

Website Building & Design
Bring your vision to your community with a custom website that shows off your talents! Contact us for a quote!

Poster Creation
You want a poster that will catch attention! Notify long time fans, and inspire new ones with one of our custom posters! We also do logo creation and high resolution graphic conversion!